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My name is LaTonya Irving, I am a Beauty & Lifestyle Influencer and CEO of Living Irving my beauty channel on YouTube. I am a self taught Makeup Artist and I love everything there is about Makeup & Fashion. My Passion for Makeup developed as a young teenager and has continued on throughout my adulthood. I am on a Journey of discovering myself and exploring my full potential through the multiple beauty platforms on social media. My Purpose and Goals is to Inspire All women of all ages, sizes, skin color and ethnicities to feel their best on the inside and out. My calling in life is to Build others up, inspire and help them feels Beautiful.

“ You are Unique, You are Original, Always Stay True to Yourself “-LaTonya Irving

Thank you for allowing me to follow my Passion and all your support for Living Irving! I am Super excited to share this journey with you.


- XoXo, LaTonya

makeup cape





I’m super excited to introduce my custom makeup cape collection called Zara, hand sewn by yours truly me! Zara means new beginning and I want to tell you how I came up with this collection and it’s name. I was inspired in 2018 by the Holy Spirit while recovering from a fatal medical condition. By God’s Grace I was given another chance to live and created this collection and Zara was the perfect name because I was given a new beginning! Now keep in mind I have no sewing skills at all and haven’t touched a sewing machine since 10th grade in high school ,which was many many moons ago. I reached out to a talented clothing designer in my city and she agreed to give me a full one on one sewing class on creating a makeup cape. I finished that class fully confident in creating my capes on my own and was on my way to creating!

Being a makeup junkie and always on the go I noticed when getting dressed I always got makeup fallout, powder or foundation stains on my clothing and always end up having to change clothing. So I said to myself, I need to come up with a solution to fix this! I decided when creating the capes I first wanted it to be pretty, comfortable, light weight, easy to clean. In a world now full of makeup junkies all over social media, I figured the capes would be a nice added touch and experience for women who wear makeup. Women should feel beautiful while applying their makeup and they most definitely will wearing my beautiful printed capes. When creating capes I wanted to experiment with different textiles, patterns and prints so that there would be different options to choose from.
With the Zara makeup cape collection, I made sure the capes were affordable, protecting clothing, pretty and most importantly making women feel beautiful!