DIY Bath & Body Works Candle Wax Melts!

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

I have been a huge fan of Bath and Body Works for many many years and I always buy the candles when they're on sale for candle day that happens the first saturday in December every single year.

B&BWs offer very bold scents that truly fill your room with a magical fragrance. For this DIY I used a full 3 wick candle, but you can use any brand of candle you have. They will all work, and it is a great way to get all the scent out of your candle.

Check out the video, it shows you exactly how easy it is to make these wax melts out of your candles. Then just pop into your favorite wax melter and wait for it to fill your home with a beautiful fragrance. Now if you have old wax melt containers you for sure can pour the mix into those containers to store them.

Here's how To Make Wax Melts From Your Bath and Body Works Candles

Total Time: 1 hour 20 minutes

Difficulty Level: Easy


Candle with or without a wick

Ice cube tray

Freezer for chilling

Wax warmer

Sit your candle on the wax warmer with lid until it liquifies

Allow candle wax to melt completely

Carefully remove wicks with the tweezers

Pour wax into the ice tray

Pop in the freezer for about an hour

Remove from the mold and put into your warmer

Store wax melts in a zip lock bag.

Watch my step-by-step tutorial below!

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