Have A Face Mask Party!

The Covid-19 pandemic caused not only a shortage in personal protective equipment, but one very important thing we needed to help stop the spread of the virus were face mask. So I went to Jo Anns Fabrics one day and purchased a sewing machine. I took a mask making class and turned making mask into a full business. I spent hours daily on social media putting the word out there about my face mask and have been extremely busy behind the sewing machine every since. So many people have been stressed out and upset about the new mask orders that have been implemented in their states. I decided I wanted to do something to turn the negative situation into a positive. I put on my thinking cap, got my creative juices flowing and came up with Live Facebook Mask Parties a few times a week and it has been a HUGE success! These parties have not only been a great extra stream of income, but have turned the negative about wearing face mask into a positive by giving ladies a reason to shop. When engaging with people in the comments or through direct messages, I'm learning that these parties are very much needed. Most people would think that everyone is loaded up on face mask, but you would be surprised of the amount of people that are without them.


When choosing my mask fabrics, I love to make sure I pick bright bold colors, and beautiful fashionable prints, for men, women and children to choose from. I encourage customers to think about fashion and find prints to match their wardrobes for a variety of occasions in their everyday lives. A huge selling point with my mask is comfort. I line my masks with a layer of interfacing that acts as a temporary filter. I have also sewen a huge filter pocket for the customer to be able to add their own fiters as needed. My mask are 100% cotton very breathable and machine washable. Let your customers know all of the benefits of the masks if you plan on selling them. It will boost your sales tremendously!

Creating flyers and creating events on Facebook is a great way to get the word out on your next party.


I just love it when I receive tagged photos, and direct messages from my customers about how pleased they were with their mask purchases. They always spread the word, send new customers my way and re purchase again.

See photos of the lovely Sharron, in her Florida State Mask and the lovely Ann wearing Kizz. Got to love it!!!

Leave me feedback on your mask making skills and or business. Are you throwing Mask Parties? If so tell me all about it! I would love to hear from you!!!

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