How to Easily Cover Bald Spots (Traction Alopecia).

Traction Alopecia is a gradual hair loss caused primarily by a pulling force being applied to hair. Traction Alopecia can come from wearing hair styles that are to tight such as ponytails, braids, weaves, pigtails, and quick weaves with hair glue. It’s been a rough road for me silently suffering with this condition. Over the last 15 years I have hidden behind wigs and longed to wear my own hair out in public, especially up do hair styles like buns. With trial and error over the years, I discovered two affordable products both under $10.00 at my local beauty supply store. These two products have helped me cover my bald spots temporarily, so that I can wear up do hair styles once again! If your not sure if your suffering from this condition, seek medical help IMMEDIATLEY! Below I listed a few signs that you may have Traction Alopecia.


I AM NOT A MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL! This is research from the internet. Please seek professional advice immediately if your not sure why your starting to experience balding in any way! 4 Signs of Traction Alopecia MAY include:

1. Receding hairline around the forehead temples and nape.

2. Patches of thin or broken hair in places where the hair has been under strain.

3. The hair parting areas widen.

4. Small pimples appear on the scalp or at the base of braids

Here is a picture of my balding before using the products below. See images!


Cream of Nature Edge Control Black

Here is a video demonstration on how I use the two products to cover my bald spots. Click on the video below. I hope this helps someone and please LIKE, COMMENT AND SUBSCRIBE!💋

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